outdoor portrait of Jayah Faye Paley

JAYAH FAYE PALEY, fitness and wellness educator, presents hiking, walking and fitness seminars for national and state park associations and health related organizations around the country.

Jayah, an AFAA & ACE-certified Personal Trainer, is the creator of the only comprehensive educational media on how to use poles, which includes two award-winning DVD's.

For over 15 years, she has trained people of all ages, abilities and physical conditions (such as Parkinson's, MS, arthritis, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, etc.) as well as athletes, trainers and physical therapists to use poles to achieve, regain and maintain mobility for hiking and walking. She has authored and delivers courses which provide continuing education credits for personal trainers.

Jayah is a breast cancer survivor; she has and manages lymphedema. She is the co-founder of the Lymphedema Education, Exercise & Prevention Group at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

If you've seen either DVD and have practiced and still have questions, check the website. If you still have questions, please contact Jayah directly.

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Benefits of using Poles for Balance & Mobility

Diane Kern, Physical Therapist   “Stand straight, use the poles.”

Diane Kern

“I don't know how many patients I've sent over to Jayah - the poles have been such a boon to some of my patients. They've been able to return to activities they thought were lost to them forever.”

Jerald R. Gerst, MD, MPH
Physician specializing in treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries & injury prevention.

Jerald R. Gerst

“It's very important that those of us who use poles for balance and mobility (including myself) do so with correct technique. Those of us who use them for that reason tend to have decreased upper body strength and muscle tone and a higher incidence of degenerative changes of the neck and shoulder which can be aggravated by improper use.”

Robert G. Macdonald, M.D., FRCP, FACC, FSCAI

Robert G. Macdonald

“Exercise is important for maintaining bone density, building muscle strength and enhancing cardiovascular fitness. Poles can provide stability and a sense of security to allow patients to more quickly resume a walking program.”    

Linda J. Buch,  Owner of Balance Enterprises, LLC, "Body Language" Fitness column

Linda J. Buch

“Jayah is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to the why, how and where of walking and trekking poles. She is also a great teacher--clear in her explanations and directions.”

Scott Wachenheim, Age 67, Retired Teacher

Scott Wachenheim

“About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's.” “The poles give me confidence to be more active. They help with balance, help me pick up my toes (which helps prevent tripping) and they help me be more upright…it makes me happy just to have the poles with me.”

Hose Cruise, Age 60, Multiple Sclerosis Group Facilitator

Hose Cruise

“I feel safer when I'm walking down the street.” “I know that, if I stumble on uneven pavement, it's not a fall – I won't be kissing that pavement.”

Masami Takesue, Age 67, Hiker, CPA

Masami Takesue

“Poles have improved my structure. I've had arthritis for many years…by exercising my arms, my legs, it seemed like my whole body started functioning properly.”

Morton Silvers, Age 89, Attorney, retired

Morton Silvers

“The poles have helped me learn to walk again after all kinds of medical disasters. They’re like an insurance policy – they allow me to maintain mobility and to continue enjoying life.”