• Function
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Strength

Celebrate Small Victories!


Mobility & Pole
Consult by Phone

Description of 4 personalized consult options:

The Basic Pole Question Consult relates to a specific question about the DVD. You’ve bought the DVD, you’ve taken the time to thoroughly watch it and you’ve practiced. You’ve checked our blog for updates & yet still have a question. Fill out the Purchase Info Consultation Form and let’s answer it! Free

Basic Phone Consult enables us to discuss your issues and how poles might help you (about ½ hour). Be sure to indicate which  DVD you have been working with - this consult helps us to Finesse Your Form $45

Extended Phone Consult enables us to go into more depth about your technique & concerns (about an hour). Includes discussion of which poles might best suit your needs and goals. $75

Mobility, Hiking or Travel Consult is an Extended Phone Consult PLUS a Follow Up to see how you fare. How can poles help you achieve, maintain and even regain mobility? $135

All phone consultations are 100% guaranteed. If you’re not totally satisfied, you owe nothing. We want to help you achieve your goals.

Once I get your phone number and email, I will contact you within a day or so. We’ll set up a time that’s convenient for both of us and see if we can get you comfortable with using poles. smiley


Exercises for Balance & Mobility

Exercises/Movements on Mobility DVD:

  • Balance: Foot Painting*, Ankle Rolls & ABC’s, Foot Pumps, Pencil Exercises
  • Posture: Dorsal Glide, Chest Stretch, Shoulder Roll, Lat Recruitment Drill
  • Function/Balance/Coordination/Endurance: Progressive March Sequence
  • Gait, Function & Chair Exercises with Diane Kern, PT

Exercises/Stretches on Hiking & Walking DVD:

Dorsal Glide, Chest Stretch, Lift Your Feet, Shoulder Roll

The information presented on the DVD & this web site is intended solely as a guide for improving mobility and balance. Consult your physician or physical therapist before beginning any new activity, particularly if have any balance issues, mobility concerns or muscle or joint pain. Discontinue any movement that causes pain or discomfort and consult a medical practitioner. For best results, read and follow the instructions at the beginning of the DVD.

We focus on posture movements in the hiking DVD.

Why do we put so much attention on ankles in the balance & mobility DVD? Good ROM (range of motion) in the ankle can significantly improve your balance & mobility. The ankle is particularly responsive to daily gentle attention. You might notice improvement in just a few days.

All our teaching is progressive. Starting with the foundation of the body – the feet and ankles, in a gentle format enables you to see improvement quickly which can increase and enhance COMPLIANCE**.

Please tune into your body. Do movements slowly and with deep, relaxed breathing. For instance, when you’re doing your ankle roll, think of a clock. If any number is “sticky,” slow down. Work thru it in a pain free range.

Have you heard “No Pain, No Gain?” FORGET IT!

If you want to improve and maintain your mobility, then celebrate small victories because these are the ones you can build more safely on.

**Compliance is a key to any progressive exercise program (PEP).

Does your PEP include?
Function, Balance, Posture, Flexibility, Endurance, Strength

Your therapist or trainer can help you design a progressive program that suits you. Only you can motivate yourself!

For more exercises, visit our blog. smile emoticon

* Foot Painting is a marvelous way to stimulate the nerves on the bottom of the feet. This is a soothing way to warm up the ankle, knee and hip joints. Try supine before getting out of bed. Bend the knee (foot flat on the bed) of the leg that’s not moving. People with peripheral neuropathy (from diabetes or MS or unknown cause) find that this activity can help their bodies connect to the earth. You can also tune into the tracking movement of the knee. Notice your ROM. Where you are is a fine place to start. Don’t push it; allow your body to find its range and you’ll see that range improve.

I do two kinds of work – Progression and Maintenance.

Why, in the credits of the DVD, do I thank Lou Kearn? Mr. Kearn, the founder of Coit Cleaners, was my client for the last years of his life. He built an international business blind (literally he could not see).

I learned many things from this amazing man, including how to communicate movement & exercise with a blind man. He wanted to maintain in his late years. He often told me “I don’t care about getting better; I don’t want to get worse.” He had reached this level of de-conditioning and frailty and I occasionally help people in this way.

Much more often, we find ways to progress and this is more rewarding work for everyone. As people understand how important exercise & movement is, they look for ways to improve their lives. We hope our DVD and this site have helped you in some small way to achieve, improve or maintain your mobility.