Product Recommendations

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  • Overview of our Product Recommendations
  • The Strapless Option For Mobility & Exercise
  • LEKI Poles for Hiking & Mobility: Short, Medium & Long Options
  • Black Diamond Poles For Hiking: Trail Ergo Cork
  • LEKI Nordic Walking For Exercise

Our Top Picks are listed by your primary goal:

Your Primary Goal

Start by checking out:

Mobility & Balance

(start with Bell Tip that fits all models suggested)

- Exerstrider (the best strapless option)
- LEKI Speedlock (for ease of adjusting)
- Black Diamond


- LEKI Trekking Poles are our first choice; we can help pick the optimal size for you!
- Black Diamond Trail Ergo (reg or compact)


& Fitness Walking

- LEKI Nordic Walking poles provide peak performance


Pole Purchase Consultation: POLE Fitting 101

Determining which poles will fit you can enable you to achieve your goals and help prevent injury. Price is only one of many factors to consider. You get what you pay for. If you DO know which poles you want to purchase, simply click on the purchase button which will take you to a quality internet resource that carries that model.

If you'd like guidance, click the consultation button to fill out the basic info form.


We will contact you - our feedback will be done in the spirit of helping you to make your own decision on which poles fit and suit you best.

Comfort, performance & confidence improve with poles that fit your body and goals. Make the best decision the first time and learn optimal use so you can form a deep and lifelong connection to your poles - really!

Check our Pole Buyer’s Guide Page to learn about pole features & benefits. Check our Blog to learn what optimal pole fit means (and to get DVD updates).

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purchaseExerstrider: Fitness Walking Poles



$89.95, including fitness rubber tips.





19 oz.

No straps. Uniquely-designed grips are designed to be comfortable for use without a strap.



OS2 (fitness)–Max: 52”, Min: 30”

Activator (balance) – Max: 51”, Min: 29”



Ergonomic grip’s “orthotic” design allows the hand to rest on the flared bottom of the grip. Using a relaxed hand position helps to maintains a more neutral wrist . Flared design above and below hand allows for weight bearing without the need for a strap. 



Comes in 2 recommended styles:

1) Fitness/Nordic  walking pole version (OS2) uses easy-twist adjustability

2) Balance walking version (Activator) uses spring loaded button-in-hole safety adjustment.

Do not order one piece poles. Adjustability is an important aspect of learning and progressing.


See either DVD to learn how adjustability helps you achieve optimal use on a variety of terrain (like curbs, stairs and ramps).



Accepts optional small/trekking and large/snow baskets.


Concave carbide tip and come standard with rubber boot-shaped fitness tip

Optional bell-shaped balance tip ($10) strongly recommended for balance and mobility use.


Lifetime warranty against defects.


A good choice for people who want to try poles but are unsure about using straps.

For Balance issues, the bell shaped balance tip adds stability.


These are not hiking poles.

Exerstriders are excellent for exercise walking and for people with balance and mobility issues.

The website accessed thru the purchase button gives much more info.



LEKI Poles have a Lifetime Warranty against shaft breakage & come in 3 sizes:

  • short: bottom extends to 125 cm; also known as "women's"
    (grip options: cork and composite)
  • medium: bottom extends to 135
    (grip options: composite and foam)
  • long: bottom extends to 145

Check the Pole Buyer's Guide for info on features like SpeedLock, Antishock and long foam grips.

Our favorite model, by far, is the medium size SpeedLock with the foam grip. It’s called Thermolite XL (XL stands for Extra Long Foam Grip) and is available with or without anti-shock on the bottom section.

The foam is comfortable, durable and the extra long foam grip is handy for hikers as well as for people with mobility challenges. (review the Grand Canyon practice sequence in the Hiking DVD for tips on how to use Long Foam Grips)

  • The long foam grip option costs an additional $20 over the composite grip. We believe comfort is well worth $20.

  • Anti-Shock is an additional $20. Anti-Shock is a little more expensive and more complicated. It takes a little bit of practice to take poles apart, put them back together and to fix them if they fail to tighten (see troubleshooting on the blog). We make sure people purchasing Anti-Shock models practice these 3 important aspects of owning Anti-Shock poles.

Our 12 year old LEKI long foam grip poles are durable and get more comfy every year.

2014 redesigned locking straps are, for many, more comfortable.

If you’d like more information, fill out the Product Consultation form and we will try to assist you in finding the best fit and making the best choice.

LEKI Thermolite XL

LEKI Thermolite XL Antishock

Black Diamond: Trail Ergo Cork

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork

LEKI Nordic Walking Poles: Traveller

leki-nordic-1 leki-nordic-2
button-nordic-benefits button-nordic-info

Retail Price



16.6 oz

Usable Range

80-130 cm

Collapsed Length


Grip Type

Nordic Trigger


R & L straps are adjustable and releasable Velcro closure for good wrist and hand support




Twist type, SLS locking system


Concave flex tip (we like this tip)


Yes, you can Nordic Walk with Trekking Poles
Please do not hike with Nordic Walking Poles
HOWEVER, if you are going to do Nordic Walking as a regular activity, using poles specifically designed adds to your comfort and performance.

We prefer the $200 carbon poles (either 2 or 3 piece), but these poles are our #1 recommendation for anyone starting with Nordic Walking. They’re reasonably priced and fit into your suitcase.
LEKI poles are our #1 choice for Nordic Walking poles.


Twist type adjusting, requires finesse to learn and use. Read the instructions so you know how to troubleshoot if poles fail to tighten.


Lifetime warranty against shaft breakage