Classes & Field Seminars

People take a class for all kinds of reasons. Some want to take a trip of a lifetime; others want to maintain mobility; some want to just get outside more safely or continue hiking into their 90's.

We provide a variety of top quality poles at each poles seminar so you can determine which model best fits you and will help you to achieve your hiking, walking, adventure or life goals. Class Sizes are kept extremely small to ensure personal attention to your issues, goals and form.

Check our calendar for current course listings & prices.

Seminars offered thru organizations that have remarkable facilities for learning these skills, include:

  • East Bay Regional Park District (the largest park district in the nation)
  • Point Reyes National Seashore
  • Rocky Mountain & Yosemite National Parks
  • Anza Borrego Desert State Park (plus other State & National Parks)
  • City Agencies, Senior & Community Centers
  • Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center
  • Oakland Museum Natural Sciences Guild
  • American River Conservancy

Note:  price ranges below vary because each organization is structured differently. 

"I feel much more stable and better able to look around to see a world larger than my footsteps.”  Barbara, Berkeley 

“Jayah has a way of capturing small things and turning them into "life things". Like the opportunity, when you shift gears (while hiking or otherwise), to remind yourself (without a tinge of criticism for having tightened up) to relax your shoulders and open up your chest, the better to breath.

She seems to understand deeply that every little bit of changed behavior helps us to function better, and that we all respond better to a positive tone, whether from ourselves or others.”  ~ Nancy B.

Here Nancy is referring to the training and the FREE do-overs we allow ourselves when we are not in optimal form.  We did not forget, we remembered late! smile

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Description of Class or Field Seminar

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How to Use POLES for Hiking & Outdoor Exercise 
2 Formats offered:

  • Class Includes Nature PoleHike: 5-7 hrs
  • Basic Skills Class without Hike: 3 hrs

Price Range:  $25 to $65

POWER with Poles! 

Learn how to use your core muscles to help preserve your joints!  

Using your whole body while hiking feels GOOD. Vital, lifelong skills help reduce knee stress and prolong agility.  Improve endurance, posture, balance, upper body strength and performance & confidence on the trail. 

Variety of Top Quality Poles Provided - Discover which poles fit you best & will help you achieve your goals.  

Note:  Basic Skills class suitable for almost anyone without mobility challenges.  Day class suitable for hikers novice to advanced & includes hikes from 3 to 8 miles (depending on location)

Locations vary and are selected based on seasonal concerns as well as beauty & variety of terrain for practicing techniques.

Practice POLE HIKE (Poles II) 
Prerequisite:   Any PoleHiking Class  
2.5-4 hrs
Price Range:  $15 to $35

If you've taken any POLES for Hiking class, join us to practice and refine your skills on the trail. We'll enjoy views, flowers (whatever the season and terrain have to offer), work on more advanced techniques to improve your performance and confidence, finesse your form and enhance your capabilities.  Top quality poles provided.           

How to Use POLES for Balance, Mobility & Basic (Functional) Walking   3-4 hrs


Price Range:  $20 to $45


Participants who need extra assistance are requested to bring a support person.  Support partners do not have to pay the fee.  Partners focus exclusively on their friend/buddy/spouse to assist in any way needed.

Learn skills to help improve balance, endurance, posture, confidence, walking gait, agility, function & strength. Feel Taller!  Easy-to-learn techniques & gentle exercises help people with mobility challenges navigate everyday obstacles and strengthen muscles that support your joints.  Quality poles provided; discover optimal fit for you.    

Note: This class for people with mild to moderate mobility issues.  It’s helpful for either preparing for or recovering from joint surgery.   People with arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, peripheral neuropathy, older adults, etc all feel benefits from learning these skills.

People already using a walker generally do not find a class situation ideal.  Participants with questions are encouraged to contact the instructor for a private consultation as to whether this class is appropriate for them.     


Previous Pole Class Required

1.5 – 2 hrs

Price Range:  $15 to $25

(POLES for Mobility II)
You've taken any POLES for Mobility class and know the basics.  We'll enjoy an easy walk and refine your skills. We'll practice gentle movements to improve your confidence, balance, mobility, strength, endurance and function.   We’ll focus on functional terrain in a way that helps you to more completely enjoy life!        

Nordic POLEWalking for Health & Fitness
About 2 hrs

Price Range:  $10 to $25

Get up and GO! 

Learn great skills for walking with power and attitude. Burn extra calories, improve pace, endurance and upper body strength while walking, talking & enjoying the outdoors. Restore youthful spine function - this exercise is great for your back as well as your heart!

Popular in Europe, this activity is provides high-level cross-training for athletes and is excellent exercise for walkers and couch potatoes alike! Top quality Nordic PoleWalking poles provided.

Botanical Garden Practice Hike/Walk with POLES

Previous Pole Class Required

About 2 hrs

Price Range:  $10 to $20

We'll explore the uniquely beautiful native California Botanic Garden (imagine exploring the entire state of CA in under 2 hours) and practice using poles on a variety of gentle terrain. This afternoon walk will be an opportunity to connect with nature and each other, as we refine your skills and enjoy this East Bay Parks’ treasure.      

Note:  Relatively easy hike suitable for any Hiking Poles class practice as well as mobility participants who feel ready for more challenging terrain.   

Fitness for the Trail & for LIFE!
2.5-3.5 hrs

Price Range:  $10 to $25

Learn skills and methods to improve endurance, balance, posture and strength.  This interactive, fun class will show you ways to preserve your joints and to gently organize fitness into your life.  Achieving a sustainable foundation can make a profound difference in your quality of life and your ability to enjoy the outdoors.   

Hiking 101
2.5-3 hrs

Price Range:  $10 to $25

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been an outdoor enthusiast for years, come join us for a morning brainstorming session designed to help you more completely and safely enjoy the glorious outdoors.  Learn about gear, how to plan a hike, how to troubleshoot problems.  Bring your questions, your gear and your ideas.  This will be an open forum, discussion style class.  All levels welcome

Support Group Info Sessions
1 to 2 hrs

Price Range:  Free

If you have a support group that would like to schedule an information session, please contact us.  Support groups that we’ve addressed all over the U.S. include:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Breast Cancer
  • Weight Watchers 

All testimonials are from real participants of classes or training.

“I have a dystonia condition that significantly impedes my balance, posture, general mobility, ability to exercise, spending time outdoors, etc. After having sought treatment from various therapists and medical doctors, without any noticeable change, I was introduced to Jayah and her therapy program utilizing walking poles. Following a 30 day acclamation and conditioning period I experienced significant improvement in all areas mentioned above. Jayah is an effective teacher and therapist as evidenced, in part, by a neurologist surgeon, who was assessing my potential for a DBS (deep brain stimulation) surgical procedure, who concluded I should continue with Jayah’s walking pole therapy program.”

~ Robert J. Heger, Broker, Business Realty Brokers

I'm particularly honored when I hear grateful feedback FROM A TEACHER:

"Thanks for a great class. You are an inspired teacher. You know your subject and have good leadership qualities especially the ability to command attention and keep control in a direct but non threatening way. Your instructions are clear and obviously backed up by years of experience. I taught high school and college for many years." ~ Bob T, Coloma


From Some of the Organizations for which we teach:

Jayah Faye Paley has been a contracted “Poles” instructor with the East Bay Regional Park District since fall 2009. 

Participants have stated time and time again that they appreciate her genuine enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge on the subject of hiking with poles, including individuals with mobility issues.  We are very pleased she chooses to teach her courses in our parks!
East Bay Regional Park District (the largest park district in the nation), O
akland, CA 94601  


Jayah Faye Paley has been an instructor with the Rocky Mountain Nature Association for many years now.  She teaches a course on the skills needed to most efficiently use poles while hiking. 

She is always prompt, courteous, and very informative.  She makes time for students to ask questions and provides them with contact information so they can follow up with her as needed.  She is an excellent instructor and would be a great asset to any organization.
Rocky Mountain Nature Association


Jayah Paley has been teaching for Point Reyes Field Seminars since 2003. She has provided instruction in the use of poles to benefit hikers and walkers so that they may enjoy the outdoors and enable a freedom of movement to those that have reduced mobility.

The participant feedback from her seminars is consistently positive with a gratitude for her ability to get them outside and enjoying nature. We rely on her as an instructor who is always dependable and professional.


We look forward to another Hiking Poles seminar in October for the Oakland Museum of CA Natural Sciences Guild.  These have become a tradition and Jayah's fan base continues to grow. 

Many of our members are older and introducing them to poles has allowed them to continue to enjoy outdoor experiences as their mobility changes/decreases.  Jayah has a wonderful teaching style, direct, personal and encouraging.
Oakland Museum Natural Sciences Guild










From Recent Hiking Pole Seminar Participants:

You Saved Me...Love My LEKI Poles!
“I have to share that meeting you and taking your class changed my life! Okay, maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic but seriously I could not have done my 3 week trip to Peru without my LEKIs and the training you gave me. I did much of my trekking with my poles in hand and was incredibly happy I took them everywhere I went. I was originally intending to only use them for Machu Picchu but ended up using them just as much in the Amazon jungle.
I did a difficult 1.5 hour hike each way to a Macaw clay lick on a very slippery and uneven trail. There were some steep muddy climbs that I could not have done on my own. 

At Machu Picchu I was able to hike up to the Sun Gate and go up (and down) the biz-zillion stairs with my handy dandy sticks. My knees were only mildly strained but if I didn't have my poles my knees would have suffered much more. 

I used the poles during my city tour of Cusco. That city has tons of stairs and I would just bring my LEKIs to help me get around every day. They also helped when visiting all the archaeological sites which required lots of climbing. Thank you Jayah!" ~ Rebecca, Berkeley


Feedback to the American River Conservancy

“Just wanted to send a thank you for arranging the Pole Trekking class given by Jayah last Saturday. The class was excellent! I have been walking with poles for three years and knew that I was likely not getting the full benefit due to lack of knowledge. Jayah had all the knowledge and was willing to share! She was very knowledgeable about the equipment as well as the sport.”  Joyce B, Auburn, CA smile



"I really enjoyed the hiking with poles class at your park. It sounds strange to spend half a day learning how to walk but Jayah blew me away.

Then shortly after class I spent three days at Point Reyes National Seashore, and with my poles I easily hiked nearly twice my normal speed and enjoyed my hikes even more than usual – and didn’t have lower back pain afterward for the first time in a long time. Wow. smileyThanks again for offering this class." -Ann, Winters, CA






As mentioned above, people have many different reasons for taking a poles or outdoors class. When we "fit" a person, we strive to enable the kind of connection we have with our poles. We LOVE our LEKI poles. They're our buddies and we feel a deep and lasting connection to them. What works for each individual is a process that can be instant or it can take time testing on the trail.

Much more info on our blog!