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Mobility & Pole
Consult by Phone

Description of 4 personalized consult options:

The Basic Pole Question Consult relates to a specific question about the DVD. You’ve bought the DVD, you’ve taken the time to thoroughly watch it and you’ve practiced. You’ve checked our blog for updates & yet still have a question. Fill out the Purchase Info Consultation Form and let’s answer it! Free

Basic Phone Consult enables us to discuss your issues and how poles might help you (about ½ hour). Be sure to indicate which  DVD you have been working with -  this consult helps us to Finesse Your Form $45

Extended Phone Consult enables us to go into more depth about your technique & concerns (about an hour). Includes discussion of which poles might best suit your needs and goals. $75

Mobility, Hiking or Travel Consult is an Extended Phone Consult PLUS a Follow Up to see how you fare. How can poles help you achieve, maintain and even regain mobility? $135

All phone consultations are 100% guaranteed. If you’re not totally satisfied, you owe nothing. We want to help you achieve your goals.

Once I get your phone number and email, I will contact you within a day or so. We’ll set up a time that’s convenient for both of us and see if we can get you comfortable with using poles. smiley


Specialized Training & Continuing Education Course for Trainers

POLES for Balance, Mobility & Walking

Inspire your aging and mobility-challenged clients with vital, life-long skills that will help them remain active and to maintain quality of life.

Benefits of Learning Optimal Use of POLES:

  • Achieve, Maintain, Even Regain Mobility
  • Improve Posture, Endurance & Confidence
  • Facilitate a more rhythmic and fluid gait
  • Reduce fall risk
  • Strengthen the upper body muscles which helps preserve the joints
  • Burn more calories whiles walking; promotes weight loss
  • Prepare for or recover more quickly from joint replacement surgery
  • Using the whole body while walking restores function and movement to the spine and the entire structure.

Step-by-step instruction, presented in an easy-to-learn progressive format, features demonstrations for navigating every day terrain.

“This training has been very beneficial to my patients; many have been able to return to activities they thought were lost to them forever.”

Diane Kern, Physical Therapist

“Presentation is clear and well organized. Participation of real clients helps accessibility. Pacing of examples and suggestions for practice are lively and realistic.”

Lucy R. Ferguson, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Emeritas

“This course provides comprehensive and well organized information and guidance needed for trainers to successfully engage, inspire and teach their clients to competently use poles in a safe and effective manner. Jayah has done a wonderful job of helping trainers to be proactive and holistic in their approach to training clients.”

Brenda M. Goodwin, MBA, Executive Coach

“This course will positively impact those with limited mobility. It could give someone their lives back, or at worst, get them exercising again.”

Steven Luibrand, BS Kinesiology

Jayah has obviously spent many years perfecting this teaching sequence. I have used the information successfully with a number of clients.”

Judith C. Dambowic, Physical Therapist

“This course is very well taught and planned. Personal trainers will benefit greatly from learning how to teach clients to properly use poles.”

Susan A. Miller, RN, Feldenkrais Teacher