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Description of 4 personalized consult options:

The Basic Pole Question Consult relates to a specific question about the DVD. You’ve bought the DVD, you’ve taken the time to thoroughly watch it and you’ve practiced. You’ve checked our blog for updates & yet still have a question. Fill out the Purchase Info Consultation Form and let’s answer it! Free

Basic Phone Consult enables us to discuss your issues and how poles might help you (about ½ hour). Be sure to indicate which  DVD you have been working with -  this consult helps us to Finesse Your Form $45

Extended Phone Consult enables us to go into more depth about your technique & concerns (about an hour). Includes discussion of which poles might best suit your needs and goals. $75

Mobility, Hiking or Travel Consult is an Extended Phone Consult PLUS a Follow Up to see how you fare. How can poles help you achieve, maintain and even regain mobility? $135

All phone consultations are 100% guaranteed. If you’re not totally satisfied, you owe nothing. We want to help you achieve your goals.

Once I get your phone number and email, I will contact you within a day or so. We’ll set up a time that’s convenient for both of us and see if we can get you comfortable with using poles. smiley


Welcome to our tutorials page

Here are some video clips that we could not fit onto the already full training DVD’s. They (and our blog) do NOT take the place of the DVD trainings, just augment them. Please do not rely on “free” web information as a way to learn how to optimally use poles.

Both the Hiking and Mobility DVD’s (both under $15) represent significant investments – years of time and many thousands of dollars. If you cannot attend a class in Northern California, then watching the appropriate DVD, and checking the blog for updates is the next best way to learn skills and techniques that will help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re a hiker, walker or someone just wanting to improve or maintain quality of life, learning optimal use of poles will help you achieve the many benefits of poles. Optimal use means achieving the many benefits without creating stress or strain. smile emoticon

POLES for Balance & Mobility: Benefits

video frame

Award-winning DVD – who is it for & why? (4 minutes)

POLES Hiking, Trekking & Walking: Benefits

video frame

Just a few of the many benefits of using poles for health, wellness & joy! (2 minutes)

Obstacles Tips

video frame

Life is full of them, here’s some tips on how to deal with obstacles.

Stairs Tip: Rocky Mountain National Park

video frame

Toes & Heels, a quick tip we could not fit on either DVD.

Stair Progression for Mobility 1

video frame

Appropriate for people who have seen the Mobility DVD. Continuing education

Stair Progression for Mobility 2

video frame

Another progression we did not have space for the in the mobility DVD – continuing education

Stair Progression for Mobility 3

video frame

Short segment. Steve has total knee replacements, here’s how he’s learning stairs.